Political Support

Necessary political support
for green hydrogen

The market launch of green H2, the development of an H2 infrastructure, the realization of the advantages of power-to-gas, the establishment of a new industry - these are the goals of the GET H2 initiative. Making this possible is largely in the hands of politicians. Only if it supports a clearly defined package of measures to change the political and regulatory framework for hydrogen can the economy develop appropriate business models, exploit the great potential of green H2 and thus promote the energy transition:

1. Expansion of hydrogen generation capacities

2. Expansion and conversion of the transport and storage infrastructure for hydrogen

3. Incentives to use hydrogen for the market ramp-up phase

The paper of the partners of the GET H2 Nukleus, asking for political support, which is also supported by the other partners of GET H2, is available for download here (PDF).