Legal integration

Position paper of the associations: Adaptation of the legal framework for hydrogen networks

A broad coalition of economic and energy associations has approached politicians with a joint position paper. In it, BDI, BDEW, DIHK, the Association of Transmission System Operators (FNB Gas) and the Association of Industrial Energy and Power Industry (VIK) list detailed recommendations for adapting the legal framework for hydrogen networks. The formulations are in line with the demands that GET H2 makes on politicians to legally enable the development of a hydrogen economy and the infrastructure required for it.

Link to the joint press release of the associations (German).

Verbändepapier Auf dem Weg zu einem wettbewerblichen Wasserstoffmarkt;Position paper for download (PDF, German)

High Pressure Gas Pipeline Ordinance is H2 ready

While adjustments to the German Energy Act (EnWG) and the Gas Network Access Ordinance (Gasnetzzugangsverordnung) are necessary in the short term, the High Pressure Gas Pipeline Ordinance (Gashochdruckleitungsverordnung) has already been formulated in general terms and is thus ready for the transport of H2 as a new gas quality.

Study: Legal framework H2 subnet

On behalf of Nowega, the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) has prepared a legal study for the implementation of a nucleus of a nationwide, public H2 infrastructure. The study was triggered by the feed-in requests for regenerative H2, which ENERTRAG and RWE Generation SE had submitted to Nowega. The feed-in requests are based on the concept for the planned GET H2 project in Lingen.

The result of the study is "that the envisaged nucleus of a hydrogen infrastructure is permissible under the current legal framework". However, the legislator must open and further develop the legal framework in order to "enable the integration of hydrogen into the gas market". The study presents possible solutions to overcome the current obstacles. For example, it concretizes the above-mentioned demand for a consideration of H2 in the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), in ordinances and in the gas market regulations, and for a consistent implementation of the necessary steps.

IKEM-Broschüre H2-Teilnetz;IKEM study download (PDF, German)